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Effective Ayurvedic Tips To Boost Your Immunity

Your immune system protects your body from deadly diseases like an ‘anti-virus’ protects your computer from viruses. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and environmental factors impact your immune system, which can be good or bad depending on the circumstances. According to Ayurveda, good health is the state of being in good health rather than the absence of illness.

Best Ways To Strengthen Immunity

Eat healthily: The mantra for any health problem is to eat healthfully and wisely. Ayurveda recommends eating according to the body energy type that provides the most nutrition. One must avoid harmful sugars, processed and canned foods containing preservatives, fried and high-calorie foods, and alcohol. Including ayurvedic immunity boosters like coriander, turmeric, black pepper, and cumin in your daily diet will help boost your immune system. Green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits such as apples and oranges are excellent sources of nutrients.

Detox regularly: Undigested food is the root cause of toxins that spread throughout the body, making it unhealthy and sick. Toxins stored in the body serve as breeding grounds for parasites, which settle in vulnerable areas of the body, causing infections and illnesses and eventually weakening the immune system. As a result, detoxification is critical, and it can be accomplished by regularly consuming various fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices.

Stay Hydrated: Keeping hydrated helps to keep the moisture in your throat and mucous membranes, which act as a barrier against microbes. Dehydration is known as ‘Apdathukshaya’ in Ayurveda, and it causes an imbalance of salts, fluids, and minerals in your body, resulting in unexpected behavior. Dehydration can also cause indigestion, heart and kidney dysfunction, a loss of physical strength, and other complications and illnesses.



Sleep Cycle: During sleep, your body engages in many biological processes such as brain storage, detoxification, cell repair, hormone and protein regulation, energy restoration, and so on. While you sleep, your nerve cells communicate and reorganize to start your day with a healthy functioning system. As a result, getting enough sleep for at least 6-8 hours is critical for boosting your natural immunity. According to Ayurveda, ‘Ratrijaagaranath,’ or staying awake at night, aggravates Vata dosha quickly. As a result of weakening your body tissues, your immunity is depleted. In addition, a lack of sleep increases inflammation in the body due to the accumulation of stress hormones.

Stress Levels: Mental stress disorders significantly impact immune cell functions and cause inflammation. To boost your immune system, you must make time to relieve stress caused by your hectic schedule. Make time for yourself every day by engaging in stress-reduction activities such as meditation, yoga, exercise, spending time with loved ones, traveling, or any other action you are interested in. It offers special head massage procedures with exotic herbal formulations that you can regularly use to keep your stress levels under control while bringing your high doshas back into balance.



Exercise Regularly: Regular exercise not only keeps you fit, but it also has many immune-boosting benefits. It improves your sleep and lowers your stress levels. To boost your vitality, it is recommended that you engage in moderate exercise such as cycling, brisk walking, yoga, swimming, playing, jogging, and so on for at least half an hour daily. However, excessive exercise causes weakness and tissue loss. This, in turn, reduces your immunity. As a result, it is critical to keep your physical exhaustion to a minimum.

The bottom line: Your immunity is in charge of your body’s and mind’s tolerance to environmental threats. Ayurveda focuses on your health maintenance by boosting your immunity and treating diseases naturally by bringing your high doshas to a balanced state.

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