At Pragati, we take pride in the quality and value of our plants and services. We make every effort to ensure that they measure up to the highest possible standards.

We believe in maintaining a close collaboration with our clients to ensure that we can assist them with green living and ensures that their investment is affordable and pays back beyond their expectations.

Pragati Sudhaama undertakes Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and supports clients as and when required. The purpose of maintenance service is to make sure the performance of the greenery exceeds all expectations and is thriving.

Our organization has created a niche amongst reputed organizations of the industry for offering an extensive range of services to our clients.

The Plant Categories at the Pragati Sanjeevani Nursery

Particular plants

Pragati Sudhaama provides a wide range of nursery plants.  We have a large collection of Avenue plants, Herbal, Medicinal, Aromatic, Spice and Condiment plants, Leaf decoction plants, Mosquito Repellant plants, Indoor plants, Palms, Shrubs, Climbers and creepers, Fruit plants, Exotics, Rare and endangered collections, Vertical garden, and plants mentioned in Charakasamhitha.

Bulk Order

We supply various plants for bulk orders. Customers who are resellers or are buying in a large quantity, please get in touch with the team to know more. We have a team to cater to Bulk Orders. Please reach the Bulk orders Mobile No. ———— or drop a message on Whatsapp or drop an email —————–.  We will get in touch with you.

Garden and Landscape Consulting

Garden and Landscape Consulting

We provide Gardening and Landscaping services in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We are expanding to other states soon; we take great pride on our landscaping designs being attractive and interesting. Our love for all things green translates into our designs turning landscapes into eco-spaces.

Commercial Farm Lands

We undertake contract farming / commercial farm lands for various crops viz., Medicinal, Aromatic crops, Millet’s, Oil seeds, Pulses, Food grains and setting up of fruit orchards.


Pragati Sudhaama provides maintenance and upkeep of residential, community and commercial gardens and offers a wide variety of quality services to cater the needs of our customers. Being the best garden contractors, we serve our clients from the very beginning of a project through all the phases including design, planning, construction and maintenance of your lawn and garden to ensure that the design vision is achieved and sustained. Our range of garden maintenance services include-

  • Pruning
  • Hedging – Reshaping, trimming and pruning
  • Leaf Clearing
  • Weed Control – Garden, Lawns, Paths and Driveways
  • Lawn mowing

Garden Material

We can supply Garden Materials that may include stones, natural fertilizers, natural pesticides, mulching material, compost, and garden accessories to name a few. Our range of products includes almost all the material that goes into making a garden beautiful. The products we offer are reasonably priced and procured from reliable vendors.

Buy Back Services (Contract Farming)

We are involved in cultivation activities for the past 30 years. We have also diversified into commercial/contract farming of cash crops like oil-seeds, cereals, spices, millet’s, and fruit orchards through our own as well as contract farming in more than 3,000 acres of land. We have initiated contract farming of herbal and medicinal plants through the 100% Bio organic method. The company has done remarkable work in the areas of soil and water conservation.

Instantaneous Gardening

Pragati Sudhama expertise in the installation of instant pot garden, vertical gardens, roof gardens, kitchen garden, herb garden, indoor garden, etc.,

Pragati has standardized the translocation and transplantation of Fully Grown Trees in the age group of 6 years to 120 years

The Pragati Sudhaama has wide expertise to carry out this activity and utmost care will be taken during the complete process by experienced personnel and the survival rate for the same is 100%.

To date, the Pragati Sudhaama was successfully trans-located and transplanted more than 5,000 trees from various places of the country and about 90,000 trees in the vicinity of Pragati Sudhama and adjoining villages. We have achieved a success rate of 100%.