Pragati - A Legacy of Health and Healing

Pragati was first established in 1994 and is spread over 2500 acres with 800 different herbal and medicinal plants.

Pragati Naturals is driven to highlight the importance of Vedic living practices and aims to bring us closer to our roots through Ayurvedic principles.


Pragati’s vision is to create innovative and economically viable garden cities, where every individual in the world enjoys abundance of nature.


To create an ecologically balanced environment to inspire every individual to become socially responsible to create systems and new technology to sustain and maintain garden cities.

The Pragati logo draws inspiration from the Panchabootas, the five elements of Indian Ethos.






The Vedic teachings preach that Life and its sustenance depend on the Panchaboothas.
There’s a shloka from the Yajur Veda,
Taittiriyopanisad that says:

Which translates to:

Tasmadva etasmadatmana akash sambhutah | Akasadvayuh | Vayoragnih | Agnerapah | Adbhyah prithvi | Prithivya osadhayah | Osadhibhyosnam | Annat purusah ||

From the Supreme soul, space came into being
From the Space came wind,
From Wind came fire, From Fire came water,
From Water came earth From Earth came plants,
And from Plants came food From Food, man came into being.
Natural Healing - Sparsh

For thousands of years, India has espoused the precious secret to health and healing. Significantly, the nucleus of the organization was born in 1994, consumed by a passion to ensure India’s medical heritage must take its rightful place as one of the world’s greatest healing systems.

Pragati Group ushers the “Vyadi Rahita Samajam” by harnessing the health-giving and healing power of plants.

Pragati Group’s trailblazing legacy of two decades can be retraced to its profound reverence for safeguarding the purity of the Pancha bhootas and the deep-rooted belief for upholding the principles of ‘Vruksho Rakshati Rakshitaha’ and ‘Gow Samrakshana’ – the significance of the cattle and the ecology as depicted in all the images of Lord Sri Krishna, which is the basis of leading a holistic life, full of contentment and prosperity.

Awards and Recognition

Pragati has been widely recognized by the United Nations and the global community for successfully maintaining the balance of nature to sustain ecology.

Pragati has also received the Swachh Bharat Award for Medicinal, Herbal and Aromatic Plants.

The contribution that Pragati has made to the field of conservation, sustanability, natural farming and promoting environmental management is vast.

The Driving Force Behind Pragati

Dr. G.B.K. Rao


Mr. G. Ajay Chandra

Managing Director

Smt. G.V. Kumari

Director Of Finance

Mr. Meka Ramakrishna
Dir. Projects & Marketing