Pragati Nursery

The Veda’s recognize Nature as a centrifugal force and of that with spirit. Vana Vaibhava or ‘Forest Splendor’ is what we humans are part of, however we’ve lost our way being lost in the current world that has been converted into a concrete jungle by man himself.

We’ve lost our touch with Nature, and what it means to us. Keeping this in mind, Pragati Sudhama is trying to revive the the lost culture from the Veda’s by also reminding us of the importance of living in harmony with nature.

At Pragati Sudhama, our nursery has over 800 heritage medicinal plants and aromatic plants besides 100 varieties of vegetables and fruits. More than a billion seeds are produced by Mother Plants everyday here at the Pragati Sanjeevani Nursery.

The Plant Categories at the Pragati Sanjeevani Nursery

Avenue Plants

A tree avenue is the row of trees grown on both sides of the road for shade and beauty. They play a very important role in filtering dust and other air pollutants. Trees planted alongside the roads help regulate the temperature changes caused by climate change as well.

Herbal, Medicinal, Aromatic, Spice and Condiment plants

Medicinal and Herbal plants possess therapeutic and healing properties.
Aromatic plants are a special kind of plants used for their aroma and flavor.
Spice and condiments are defined as plants whose different parts like roots, flower, stems and leaves add flavor to dishes.

Leaf decoction plants

Leaf decoction / Kashayas are simple plant based decoctions prepared by boiling certain selected fresh leaves for three to four minutes. These decoctions help us in several ways. They are help strengthen the immunity system and eliminate metabolic waste from the body.

Mosquito Repellant plants

Known for their fragrance and wonderful scents, these plants keep mosquitoes away with their natural fragrances. The chemicals present in bug repellant sprays can be harmful to the body, thus having these plants can keep mosquitoes away naturally.

Indoor plants

Grown in residences and offices for decorative purposes, these plants enhance the ambience of a place while also increasing oxygen in the environment. They are therapeutic and improve health and well-being as they have a soothing and natural effect.


Palms have large, evergreen leaves, which are compound and spirally arranged at the top of the stem. Palms give your surroundings a tropical look and elicits feelings of peace and relaxation. They are easy to maintain and don’t require too much attention to flourish.


Shrubs are plants with woody stems which are smaller than trees but bigger than herbaceous plants. Some are at­tractive in their foliage, some produce attractive flowers and some are grown for their attractive berries.

Climbers and creepers

Climbers and Creepers are important group of plants which add beauty, color in striking way of fragrance in gardens and artificial structures like wall, arches, pergola, pillars; Cascades, Topiary, etc. These plants can be cultivated indoors, outdoors and in office spaces as well.

Available plants in Charaka Samhitha

The use of plants to cure several kinds of human diseases has a long history. It is mentioned, in Charaka Samhitha that, there are specific plants used for specific diseases. The Charaka Samhitha guides us with understanding healing plants.